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Single sentence reviews of all sorts of media, followed by a score out of 9. I also give stars to my personal favourites.

Because one gimmick isn't enough.


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Not quite as good as they were way back when, but a step up from their truly rubbish last effort.


Bethesda can do no wrong with their flagship series, a trend that follows with the fifth instalment.

From the band that brought you the ridiculously overrated, forgettable Oracular Spectacular comes this ridiculously underrated psychedelic masterpiece.

French guitarist Yodelice takes the hints of freak-psych-folk from his first record and cranks them up to eleven on Cardioid.

For Yodelice’s sake, I hope he becomes as popular and well-known as he deserves; for my sake, I hope he stays (relatively) unknown.

Coldplay’s fifth effort feels a little drawn out compared to its predecessor (even though it’s actually shorter), seems overly obsessed with change, and has nothing on Rush of Blood or Parachutes.


A highly immature and yet amazingly clever Canadian comedy that reeks of Kenny Hotz’s distinctive style.

An improvement over the studio album, both for abundance of emotion it displays compared to The King of Limbs and the inclusion of “The Daily Mail”.


The John Butler Trio’s fifth record is even more disappointing than their fourth, devoid of emotion and swimming in a pool of ego.


Stephin Merritt has always been able to write fantastic, catchy, pop songs, and nothing changes on i, with the sole exception this one is free of synthesizer.